The Team


Creator of Conundrums

I'm a writer, entrepreneur and a natural storyteller, and I have always had a love for human psychology. The ultimate question, are murders born or raised? The Curious Crimes game was created out of frustration, I was booked to go onto my very first escape room, for which I was overly excited. A day of puzzle-solving, playing Sherlock. And then the pandemic happened. We went into national lockdown. Escape room cancelled, my heart, broken. So I looked online for something similar, and the choices were, either an expensive 6 part crime that would cost almost $180 to complete or something online where you worked your way around. I couldn't find what I was looking for. So I decided to make my own. I posted it to friends and family and they LOVED it! And so Curious Crimes was born.


Master of Socials

Chelsey is our incredible guru of socials, in house organiser, chief game tester, part time baker, she is the master of getting things done! She keeps us all on track and cracks the preverbal whip when needed. Knowing Chelsey for over 15 years, we are so excited to (finally) have her onboard and joining the team of Curious Crimes! 


Tonks & Evie

Support Staff

Tonks & Evie our our resident support staff here at Curious Crimes. Tonks can usually be found sleeping on the job, demanding attention, or napping between sleeping. Tonks' favourite things are walks, napping, cuddles, and annoying her sister. 

Evie can usually be found doing something that she shouldn't. The scariest sound in this office is silence, it usually means that she is up to no good. Her favourite things are being naughty, eating things she shouldn't, and chewing cardboard.