Do I have to play in a group?

No, all of our games are designed so there is no minimum or maximum number of players! They are perfect for date nights, get togethers or to go it on your own!

Do I need the internet to play this game?

This case is a mixture of physical evidence and digital. You will need to browse custom built websites, email and text suspects & listening to audio clips to solve the crime!

Our cases do involve sending SMS messages.

Please note that all our numbers are UK-based and standard-rate. Therefore there maybe charges for those texting outside of the UK.

Whats the recommended age requirement?

Some of the puzzles can be quite tricky, but we aim to provide fun for all the family.
We do not use foul language, graphic images or anything that a child may be effected by. The puzzles are all riddles, visual puzzles and mental conundrums. 

How long will my game take to arrive?

Upon purchase, we send the game out either first class or 2nd class with Royal Mail, so it should be with you within the next couple of days post purchase. 

What if I don't know the answer to a puzzle?

Check out our hints and answers page:

How long will it take to play?

This can take up to 2 hours to complete. Although some have completed it in less!

I have sent an email to Issie but I haven't received a response?

Sometimes Issie's responses can get lost in your junk mail, so make sure to check there. Hint: when submitting answers or findings to Issie make sure you send it on a new email. Sometimes, depending on your email provider, it may block the responses.