The Case of the Blue Moon Murder

The Case of the Blue Moon Murder

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The Case of the Blue Moon Murder is a narrative-driven murder mystery that you are immersed in from your own home. Everything you will need to solve the case is included in the case pack that is sent to you via the post.

You will need to solve puzzles, decipher codes, and piece together clues using your quizzical eye to solve the murder.

In the case of the Blue Moon Murder, you are thrown into a complex story with digital elements, giving you a real-life taste of life as a detective. You will have to investigate characters, interact with them via SMS and email, and extract the information you need.

  • Receive a package to your door with puzzles, codes to decipher, and information about the victim and potential suspects.
  • Interact with the characters. You can contact the characters either via email or text message, you will need to immerse yourself into the lives of the characters in order to solve the double murder of Lisa and Ralf Ferguson.
  • Internet will be required to complete this case.

 So, think you have what it takes? 

    How do you play?

    You open your mission document, where you will find evidence that has been collected around the death of Lisa and Ralf Ferguson. You will have to use your wits to uncover what happened.  

    • Search custom websites
    • Text and email suspects 
    • Listen to voice recordings
    • Solve puzzles 
    • & Decipher codes 

    No minimum or a maximum number of players! 

    Play solo, or in a group, work as a team, or go it alone, competing against your fellow detectives. 

    Release Date: December 1st 2021.